Asond Ltd


Asond Ltd is Latvian company established in September 2011 in order to find new potentials of biomass available locally and it is owned by local investor.

Founder of the company made a strategic decision to create first of this type energy and fuel business in Baltic states based on peat fuel increasing demand starting from 21 century.

Business line

Company’s main target is peat coal, peat fuel briquettes, and peat cokes production, but are not limited by solid fuels only. As a company we are striving towards greener energy as well, making first steps in syngas production and application in order to develop and create cheaper and environmentally friendlier sources of energy.


Celtniecibas street 13, Livani, Livani district LV-5316, Latvia
registration number: 41503056702
VAT number: LV41503056702
bank: "Danske Bank"
bank account: LV67MARA2041000033482
e - mail:
phone number: +371 22 016 094
fax: + 371 653 43449371